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Mod Announcement


this is warmhearted, mod at britneyicons. I have recently purged all deleted members from this community, and to protect icon makers, membership is now moderated. If your request was rejected, please see the lj-cut.

why was my membership request rejectedCollapse )

I have been rejecting quite a few entries here. I dont mean to offend anybody but please read after the cut over the reasons why a post might be rejected.

reasons to reject a postCollapse )

I will also periodically remove members from the members list if their accounts have been inactive for ages, or they simply don't credit their icons.

Icon-makers, if you see someone using your icons, with no credit, and they got it from here, let me know, I will ban them.


PS. if you were remove, dont be offended, just re-apply. if you are rejected again, please see if you qualify for one of the reasons why a membership request gets rejected.
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Hi there, I am a huge Britney fan, and would love to be added!

hayzaaay sent me on over after a mega-Britney post discussing her new/old songs, especially rarities, etc., like Am I a Sinner, Over to You Now, I Run Away. :) Thanks for considering my membership request!
what if i forgot what thread/post i got my icons from?
in the post where i got them it just said to comment which ones you were taking
I would like to be part of this community to be able to post some brit's icons i make and never have where to put them.
Hi, I stopped using LJ awhile ago, but as you can see, my LJ was quite active. I've started over with masquerain and would like to be accepted. Thank you!

Deleted comment

hey, you have to actually physically JOIN the community, you know on the user profile page, please click "join", it will then go into a queue and it will then be accepted :)
Kinda confused... Do I need to have Britney icons in my userpics to actually join? I just got rejected w/ no reason given.
your icons are uncredited. Please see rules to join.
oh, yeah i read that one. all of my icons are made by me actually. i rarely use other people's icons. i would love to share my britney icons with u guys!
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