kisses (warmhearted) wrote in britneyicons,

Mod Announcement


this is warmhearted, mod at britneyicons. I have recently purged all deleted members from this community, and to protect icon makers, membership is now moderated. If your request was rejected, please see the lj-cut.

Your membership request was rejected for one or more of the following:
1) none of your icons are credited, or most are not.
2) your lj is very new, you have very little or no friends, or all of your "friends" are just communities
3) you barely make any comments, or in fact have made no comments at all.
4) your lj is a role-playing lj or a community-watch lj

if in fact you are new to the lj-world, please wait a little bit until you request to join. You can attempt to join as many times as you want, but if you are rejected, please look at this as towards one of the reasons why.

I have been rejecting quite a few entries here. I dont mean to offend anybody but please read after the cut over the reasons why a post might be rejected.

reasons to reject a post:
1. NUMBER ONE, IMPORTANT ONE: your post is a fake lj cut or a link to your community. All you posted here was 3 icons to take people from here to where-ever it is you want to take them.remember people join here to look at icons here, you may ask people to credit your community, rather than your LJ name, but please no outside links.
2. Spam. you want to promote your new community, whatever it is.
3. questions. I am sorry but we are not a HTML help community, and while we may want to know too where to download the latest britney spears album, it doesn't belong here :\

I will also periodically remove members from the members list if their accounts have been inactive for ages, or they simply don't credit their icons.

Icon-makers, if you see someone using your icons, with no credit, and they got it from here, let me know, I will ban them.


PS. if you were remove, dont be offended, just re-apply. if you are rejected again, please see if you qualify for one of the reasons why a membership request gets rejected.
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